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NY Times: Mixed Martial Arts Makes Inroads in Baseball Training
Adam Dunn of the Chicago White Sox, Brad Penny of the Detroit Tigers and Russell Martin of the Yankees have used the sport’s punches and kicks to improve their throwing and swinging. In addition to improving overall fitness, Martin said, mixed martial arts can make an athlete mentally tougher. April 12, 2011

NY Post: The right kick for NY: Legalize mixed martial arts
Challenger Jon Jones defeated Mauricio "Shogun" Rua to become America's new light-heavyweight ultimate-fighting champion during a bout in Newark last weekend. Yet despite Jones' victory, the Rochester native can't fight or defend his title on this side of the Hudson -- a fact New York's Legislature should change forthwith. March 23, 2011

Bronx Free Press: Taking it to the Mat: UFC Brings Message of Resilience and Responsibility
This past Fri., March 18th, the students of Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx got personal lessons in combat and resilience with two of the fiercest fighters around: Brandon Vera and Dominick Cruz, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) warriors who had come for a motivational and instructional visit. March 22, 2011

NY Times: A Debate Rages On in Words, Not Punches
The revenue M.M.A. might generate has helped the sport gain acceptance in most of the country. Last Saturday, the West Virginia Legislature passed legislation allowing the state to host mixed martial arts events. Once the bill is signed by the governor, which is expected, it will raise the number of states sanctioning M.M.A. to 45. One of the states where it is not sanctioned, Connecticut, regularly has M.M.A. events on American Indian reservations and has legalization pending in its legislature. Two states, Wyoming and Alaska, do not have state athletic commissions, and Vermont has not yet sanctioned it. March 21, 2011

Buffalo News: Rashad Evans: State should drop archaic ban on mixed martial arts
I was born in Niagara Falls and began my athletic training right here in Western New York. I was a two-time all-state wrestler at Niagara- Wheatfield High School in Sanborn and won the National Junior College 165- pound wrestling title while attending Niagara County Community College. March 18, 2011

ABC: Joseph Lozito Used Martial Arts Tactic He Saw on TV to End Alleged Stabber's Spree
Joseph Lozito, the man being dubbed a hero for helping disarm and capture a New York man accused of going on a 28 hour stabbing spree, says that watching mixed martial arts fights for 20 years may have saved his life. February 14, 2011

Messenger Post: Time to get MMA legalized, New York
If Jones wins the title, wouldn’t it be nice to have him fight in his home state? Imagine the support a 23-year-old, likeable, athletic fighter like Jones could gain fighting in front of some of the best sports fans in the world. February 13, 2011

The Star-Ledger : Still illegal in New York, MMA fighting continues to benefit New Jersey hosts
While the wall remains closed across the Hudson, the Garden State continues to serve as a northeastern hub for hosting high-profile MMA events. But according to a UFC study, mixed martial arts is a sport that promises to generate $16 million from two New York events per year; $6.7 million in ticket sales and $5.3 million in direct event spending alone. And for now, the monetary potential still rests in the hands of New Jersey arenas like the Prudential and Izod centers, with the next month serving as no exception. February 9, 2011

NY POST: N.Y. losing battle by not sanctioning UFC
The money MMA could bring into New York isn't going to solve the budget deficit, but $23 million and 200 jobs shouldn't be ignored. Those numbers come from an economic impact study conducted by an independent agency and is based on the revenue that could be generated by hosting two UFC events in the Empire State. That doesn't include the taxable revenue Strikeforce and other MMA promoters would generate. For now, that money is being ignored. February 5, 2011

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Legalize mixed martial arts in New York
I was born in Rochester, raised in Endicott, Broome County, and won the New York state high school wrestling championship in Albany in 2005. As a mixed martial arts athlete with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, I would love to compete in front of the same friends and family in my professional career. February 5, 2011

NY POST: MSG Goes to the Mat for Ultimate Fighting
Let's get ready to Rumble! The head of Madison Square Garden Sports said yesterday he's ready to spar with Gov. Cuomo and the state Legislature to allow controversial professional cage fighting at The World's Most Famous Arena. January 14, 2011

Boston Globe: Rage in cage a knockout in Mass.
Newly sanctioned by Governor Deval Patrick and the Legislature amid the hunt for fresh revenue, the UFC will debut in Massachusetts Saturday at TD Garden as one of the highest-grossing events ever on Causeway Street. With box-office prices ranging from $75 to $600, the UFC’s inaugural mixed martial arts night in Boston is expected to generate nearly $4 million in ticket sales and pump an additional $6 million into the recession-racked local economy. August 25, 2010

The Star: Ontario to allow mixed martial arts
The UFC is coming to Ontario. Josh Rapport, the general manager at Toronto BJJ, received the text message this morning. “If a politician even coughs that they’re going to revisit the issue everyone freaks out and says, ‘It’s coming, it’s coming,” he said. August 14, 2010

Associated Press: Sen. Reid to push for MMA regulation in New York
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lost his skepticism of mixed martial arts when he saw everything the UFC has done for Nevada. He thinks New York lawmakers will have a similar experience if they allow it into their state. July 9, 2010

Buffalo News: Legalized and regulated, events could be beneficial
For more than a decade now, New York has had the opportunity to observe its sister states develop and improve the regulation of professional mixed martial arts (MMA). To date, 44 states, not including New York, have legalized MMA. April 10, 2010


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