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MMA Facts is a fighter, schedule, results and ranking data site for mixed martial arts fans. Our aim is to provide a highly accessible and visually stunning experience outside the silos of traditional MMA promoters and broadcasters. 

We connect fans to over 400 martial artists and provide them with fight previews, news feeds, TV listings, streaming details & tickets. has been a significant advocate for Mixed Martial Arts and its fans since 2008.

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The Beginnings

Initially, the site was created to help spread professional MMA competitions across the United States. The site aimed to correct misinformation about the sport and help educate critics and legislators as MMA expanded nationwide.

The team provided fans and legislators with ‘the facts about MMA’ as a sport and industry to help successfully overturn many State Athletic Commission objections to sanctioning the sport across the United States. 

It may not be evident to newer or younger fans, but MMA had an image problem before it fully crossed into the mainstream. MMA Facts took many different angles to help tackle that. 

Most ignorant of all the claims about MMA was that combat inside a cage meant the sport was unregulated and unskilled. MMA Facts combated this by providing extensive information and history about the different disciplines of MMA, the skillsets of fighters, and interviews with fighters to uncover the dedication required to get to the top of the professional game. 

The site also explained that MMA was the most regulated combat sport and championed the development of Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Soon, academic research showed that MMA was significantly safer than other combat sports like boxing, and MMA Facts quickly reported the findings. 

The sport’s constant growth was also tracked in terms of live events and TV numbers to tackle disinformation that MMA was a fad that would soon disappear. The numbers didn’t lie either, as positive economic data showed the uplift to the local area provided by major MMA events 

The site was also the first to report on the increasingly broad demographics of MMA Fans, whom the media and public opinion had wrongly maligned. 

The sudden tidal wave of positive coverage from major media outlets was tracked as the MMA movement appeared to be becoming unstoppable. 

Finally, the site found its most significant calling when it tackled the last big state to hold out on MMA sanctioning, New York. We leveraged a fan-powered campaign to help a nearly decade-long push to clear the sport’s path in the state. 

In November 2016, New York finally held its first officially sanctioned professional MMA event with UFC 205.

The sport had broken its final frontier and solidified itself as one of the world’s biggest mainstream and respected sports.

MMA Facts Realigns Its Mission – New Branding & Website Makeover

With the battle for respect won, it was time to realign the site’s mission to help MMA reach its potential as the show-stopping king of all sports. 

In 2020, the site refocused towards becoming a repository for promoting top-level events and fighters in the sport worldwide. The aim was to help casual fans interact with all the major promotions visually and compellingly. 

The new teams had noticed that accessible, highly visual, and engaging information about the sport, like scheduling, ranking and TV details, tended to be siloed to individual MMA promotions and broadcasters.

Likewise, as impressive as they are, combat sports databases can be highly inaccessible to the average fan who wants an overview of what’s happening and when at the top level of MMA.

The constant online news cycle made it different for fans to access updates about events and their favorite fighters

We felt there was a massive chasm between the sport’s key data, scheduling, and news and fans’ ability to access it in a single hub and develop the fans of the future. 

This wasn’t just a hunch. We’d developed this successful model on Box.Live through the platform we’d created for boxing fans. That site created a new model for fans interacting with the sport, boasting over 12 million visits annually. 

FAQ & Transparency Statement

How do we gather our MMA data and edit the site?

Our editorial and data team monitor press releases, social media and many editorial sources to compile our fighter records and event pages.

We also curate our news feed from respected outlets such as MMA Junkie, MMA Fighting & Bloody Elbow. Each relevant fighter and bout is tagged by an editor on each article so that you can follow individual fighters, contests and event news feeds from the site.

We’re also the first place to combine all major rankings under one site and the only place to list ticket details of all significant MMA events in US, UK and Europe.

MMA Facts provides unique status for each fighter, including promotional records and total fight time, a key performance indicator for many in the MMA. 

Also, our MMA Facts ‘Champ Stats’ tracks all the champion’s records and reigns not available in the same precision anywhere else.

Some displayed stats like age and activity tracking are updated programmatically. Likewise, ticket prices are updated via API’s. 

Which promotions do MMA Facts cover?

We currently cover the UFC, Bellator, PFL, One Championship, Rizin, Cage Warriors, LFA and BFA in our schedule and events data.

This will expand to include KSW and OKTAGON events in 2024, as we expand our team.

Which fighters do MMA Facts track?

We currently track over 425 individual fighters’ profiles, displaying profiles, stats, and records and monitor their next fight details, as well a potential opponents circulating in the industry. 

Our editorial team picks and curates which new fighters get an MMA Facts profile to ensure the site remains manageable for our team. Typically, a fighter will be involved in several televised bouts before receiving a complete profile on our site.   

I’m a fighter. How do I get a profile on MMA Facts?

As mentioned previously, we don’t currently accept requests to create fighter profiles on the site. This ensures that our visitors aren’t overwhelmed and our team can manage our existing profile efficiently.

How do I get my events listed on MMA Facts?

We currently only track the events of several top promoters, as the site’s mission is to highlight the best fighting worldwide to engage with new fans. 

How do I report errors in your data?

Please get in touch with our editorial team immediately so we can fix it!

Here’s our contact page.

What is MMA Facts Privacy & Data Management Policy?

Our privacy policy has its own dedicated page.

You can update your privacy and cookie settings for by clicking the link at the bottom of every page on the site. 

How is MMA Facts funded?

We receive working capital from our owner, Hxio Publishing Limited, based in the United Kingdom. 

We also rely on an advertising model, and display banners are embedded across the site. This is currently managed on Google’s AdSense platform

We may receive an affiliate commission on ticket and streaming links if you make a purchase. This doesn’t affect the amount you’ll pay for an individual service.

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Ismail Khan – Data Editor

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