Diaz brings in Top Muay Thai Fighters Schilling & Mulkey in Preparation for Condit at UFC 143

  • MMA Facts Team

As if his own great team at Cesar Gracie wasn’t enough to get him ready for his Welterweight Interim Title Fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 143, Nick Diaz brought in two high level Muay Thai fighters to spar with. Chaz Mulkey trains out of Throwdown in Las Vegas and is the WBC International Middleweight Champ and Joe Schilling trains out of the Yard in downtown Los Angeles and is the WBC Light Heavyweight World Champion. These guys are absolutely vicious in the standup and while there’s no denying that Carlos Condit has great Muay Thai, he is no where near the level of these two Thai fighters. You can watch Schilling and Mulkey compete on February 25th in Lyon Fights in Las Vegas.

Schilling had this to say about Diaz: “Nick Diaz is the best Mma fighter in the world and it was a pleasure training with him. He is more then ready for this fight and I can’t wait to see it. He will without a doubt be the next UFC welterweight champion.”

Here is Joe Schilling’s recent fight in Los Angeles to give you an idea how lethal he is:

There’s no debating that Diaz is one of the most dedicated, hard working fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. He is constantly training and improving while competing in triathlons on a frequent basis. There is just no stopping Diaz, and I think 2012 will be the year where he cements his legacy as one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time.

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