Oct 23 2021

VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia

Main Event
3 rounds @ Heavyweight
KO 1
KO 1
Co-Main Event
Russian Federation flag
United States flag
Vitaly Minakov
KO 3
KO 3
Said Sowma
3 rounds @ Heavyweight
Main Card
Russian Federation flag
Finland flag
Sub 1
Patrik Pietila
3 rounds @ Bellator MMA
Russian Federation flag
Russian Federation flag
SD 3
Sharaf Davlatmurodov
3 rounds @ Middleweight

Score cards 29-28 | 29-28 | 28-29


Bellator MMA Report

When Was Bellator MMA?

Bellator MMA happened on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

Where did Bellator MMA happen?

Bellator MMA took place at VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia.

Who won the main event at Bellator MMA?

Fedor Emelianenko beat Timothy Johnson by knockout in the 1st round during the main event of Bellator MMA.

The fight was scheduled to take place over 3 rounds in the Heavyweight division, which meant there was no weight limit.

What were the results at Bellator MMA?

At Bellator MMA in the co-main event Vitaly Minakov was defeated by Said Sowma with a KO in their Heavyweight contest, Usman Nurmagomedov beat Patrik Pietila with a submission, and Anatoly Tokov defeated Sharaf Davlatmurodov by decision at Middleweight.

Also, on the prelim card Brian Moore lost to Nikita Mikhailov on points in a Bantamweight bout, Irina Alekseeva defeated Stephanie Page by decision at Flyweight, Aiden Lee was victorious over Aleksandr Osetrov with a submission in their Featherweight contest, Darina Mazdyuk lost to Katarzyna Sadura with a KO in their Women’s Flyweight fight, Kirill Sidelnikov defeated Rab Truesdale by knockout in a Heavyweight bout, and Grachik Bozinyan was defeated by Alexey Shurkevich with a KO at Welterweight.

Results Bellator MMA.

These are the fight results from the main card of Bellator MMA:

Main Events
  • Fedor Emelianenko KO 1 vs KO 1 Timothy Johnson (Heavyweight)
  • Vitaly Minakov KO 3 vs KO 3 Said Sowma (Heavyweight)

Main Card
  • Usman Nurmagomedov Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Patrik Pietila (Bellator MMA)
  • Anatoly Tokov SD 3 vs SD 3 Sharaf Davlatmurodov (Middleweight)

  • Brian Moore UD 3 vs UD 3 Nikita Mikhailov (Bantamweight)
  • Irina Alekseeva UD 3 vs UD 3 Stephanie Page (Flyweight)
  • Aiden Lee Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Aleksandr Osetrov (Featherweight)
  • Darina Mazdyuk KO 2 vs KO 2 Katarzyna Sadura (Women’s Flyweight)
  • Kirill Sidelnikov KO 1 vs KO 1 Rab Truesdale (Heavyweight)
  • Grachik Bozinyan KO 1 vs KO 1 Alexey Shurkevich (Welterweight)

Who broadcast Bellator MMA?

The event was broadcast in the United States by Showtime.

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