Agy Sardari
Netherlands flag
Jun 25 2021

York Hall, London, United Kingdom

Main Event
5 rounds @ Lightweight
Joe McColgan
Sub 3
Sub 3

Belts on The Line

Cage Warriors Lightweight Championship
Co-Main Event
France flag
David Bear
KO 2
KO 2
Justin Burlinson
3 rounds @ Welterweight
Main Card
Finland flag
Edward Walls
UD 3
UD 3
Steve Aimable
3 rounds @ Featherweight
Belgium flag
Brian Bouland
Sub 1
Sub 1
Nathan Fletcher
3 rounds @ Bantamweight
France flag
Jean N Doye
SD 3
SD 3
Harry Hardwick
3 rounds @ Featherweight

Cage Warriors 124 Report

When Was Cage Warriors 124?

Cage Warriors 124 happened on Friday 25th June 2021.

Where did Cage Warriors 124 happen?

Cage Warriors 124 took place at York Hall, London, United Kingdom.

Who won the main event at Cage Warriors 124?

Joe McColgan beat Agy Sardari by submission in the 3rd round during the main event of Cage Warriors 124.

The fight was scheduled to take place over 5 rounds in the Lightweight division, which meant the weight limit was 155 pounds (11.1 stone or 70.3 KG).

This contest was for the Cage Warriors lightweight championship.

What were the results at Cage Warriors 124?

At Cage Warriors 124 in the co-main event David Bear was defeated by Justin Burlinson with a KO in their Welterweight contest, Edward Walls lost to Steve Aimable on points in a Featherweight bout, Brian Bouland was overcome by Nathan Fletcher by submission at Bantamweight, and Jean N Doye was defeated by Harry Hardwick on points in their Featherweight contest.

Also, on the prelim card Jesse Urholin beat Aaron Khalid on points in a Welterweight bout, Nicolas Leblond was overcome by Luke Shanks by decision at Flyweight, Dean Trueman was defeated by George Hardwick by knockout in their Lightweight contest, Dominique Wooding beat Cameron Hardy with a KO in their Bantamweight fight, and Dylan Hazan defeated Josh Reed on points in a Bantamweight bout.

Results Cage Warriors 124.

These are the fight results from the main card of Cage Warriors 124:

Main Events
  • Agy Sardari Sub 3 vs Sub 3 Joe McColgan (Lightweight)
  • David Bear KO 2 vs KO 2 Justin Burlinson (Welterweight)

Main Card
  • Edward Walls UD 3 vs UD 3 Steve Aimable (Featherweight)
  • Brian Bouland Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Nathan Fletcher (Bantamweight)
  • Jean N Doye SD 3 vs SD 3 Harry Hardwick (Featherweight)

  • Jesse Urholin UD 3 vs UD 3 Aaron Khalid (Welterweight)
  • Nicolas Leblond UD 3 vs UD 3 Luke Shanks (Flyweight)
  • Dean Trueman KO 2 vs KO 2 George Hardwick (Lightweight)
  • Dominique Wooding KO 1 vs KO 1 Cameron Hardy (Bantamweight)
  • Dylan Hazan UD 3 vs UD 3 Josh Reed (Bantamweight)

Who broadcast Cage Warriors 124?

In the US, the UFC Fight Pass show was expected to begin at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST. In the UK, the UFC Fight Pass UK broadcast of the card was expected to start at 9:00 PM (GTM).

Cage Warriors 124 news

Sorry, we couldn't find any news for Cage Warriors 124.


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