Matthew Bonner
Dec 10 2021

London, England

Main Event
5 rounds @ Middleweight
UD 5
UD 5

Belts on The Line

Cage Warriors Middleweight Championship
Main Card
Latvia flag
Oban Elliott
KO 2
KO 2
Madars Fleminas
3 rounds @ Welterweight
United Kingdom flag
Justin Moore
Sub 1
3 rounds @ Cage Warriors 131
Bulgaria flag
Will Currie
Sub 1
Sub 1
Nikola Zlatev
3 rounds @ Middleweight
Afghanistan flag
United Kingdom flag
Liam Gittins photo
UD 3
UD 3
Kingsley Crawford
3 rounds @ Bantamweight

Cage Warriors 131 Report

When Was Cage Warriors 131?

Cage Warriors 131 happened on Friday 10th December 2021.

Where did Cage Warriors 131 happen?

Venue details for Cage Warriors 131 have not been annouched yet.

Who won the main event at Cage Warriors 131?

Djati Melan beat Matthew Bonner by unanimous decision in their 5 round contest during the main event of Cage Warriors 131.

The scorecards were announced as in favor of winner Djati Melan.

The fight was scheduled to take place over 5 rounds in the Middleweight division, which meant the weight limit was 185 pounds (13.2 stone or 83.9 KG).

This contest was for the Cage Warriors middleweight championship.

What were the results at Cage Warriors 131?

At Cage Warriors 131 Oban Elliott lost to Madars Fleminas by knockout in a Welterweight bout, Justin Moore was overcome by Christian Leroy Duncan by submission, Will Currie was victorious over Nikola Zlatev with a submission in their Middleweight contest, and Liam Gittins lost to Kingsley Crawford by decision in their Bantamweight fight.

Also, on the prelim card Jean N Doye lost to Tom Mearns on points in a Featherweight bout, Luke Riley defeated Yuki Angdembe with a KO at Bantamweight, Samir Kadi was victorious over Michael Tchamou by knockout in their Middleweight contest, Nik Bagley beat Scott Pedersen by submission in their Featherweight fight, and Adam Cullen defeated Mikail Bayram with a submission in a Lightweight bout.

Results Cage Warriors 131.

These are the fight results from the main card of Cage Warriors 131:

Main Events
  • Matthew Bonner UD 5 vs UD 5 Djati Melan (Middleweight)

Main Card
  • Oban Elliott KO 2 vs KO 2 Madars Fleminas (Welterweight)
  • Justin Moore Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Christian Leroy Duncan (Cage Warriors 131)
  • Will Currie Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Nikola Zlatev (Middleweight)
  • Liam Gittins UD 3 vs UD 3 Kingsley Crawford (Bantamweight)

  • Jean N Doye SD 3 vs SD 3 Tom Mearns (Featherweight)
  • Luke Riley KO 1 vs KO 1 Yuki Angdembe (Bantamweight)
  • Samir Kadi KO 2 vs KO 2 Michael Tchamou (Middleweight)
  • Nik Bagley Sub 2 vs Sub 2 Scott Pedersen (Featherweight)
  • Adam Cullen Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Mikail Bayram (Lightweight)

Who broadcast Cage Warriors 131?

The event was broadcast in the United States by UFC Fight Pass.

Cage Warriors 131 news


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