Jordan Vucenic
Mar 18 2022

02 Arena, London, London, United Kingdom

Main Event
5 rounds @ Featherweight
James Hendin
Sub 2
Sub 2

Belts on The Line

Cage Warriors Featherweight Championship
Main Card
France flag
Will Currie
KO 1
KO 1
Patrick Vallee
3 rounds @ Middleweight
United Kingdom flag
United Kingdom flag
Lone’er Kavanagh
KO 3
KO 3
Ryan Morgan
3 rounds @ Flyweight
United Kingdom flag
Poland flag
KO 2
Lukasz Kopera
3 rounds @ Cage Warriors 134
Sweden flag
Tobias Harila
KO 1
KO 1
Decky McAleenan
3 rounds @ Lightweight
Ukraine flag
Ben Ellis
UD 3
UD 3
Nik Bagley
3 rounds @ Featherweight

Cage Warriors 134 Report

When Was Cage Warriors 134?

Cage Warriors 134 happened on Friday 18th March 2022.

Where did Cage Warriors 134 happen?

Cage Warriors 134 took place at 02 Arena, London, London, United Kingdom.

Who won the main event at Cage Warriors 134?

Jordan Vucenic beat James Hendin by submission in the 2nd round during the main event of Cage Warriors 134.

The fight was scheduled to take place over 5 rounds in the Featherweight division, which meant the weight limit was 145 pounds (10.4 stone or 65.8 KG).

This contest was for the Cage Warriors featherweight championship.

What were the results at Cage Warriors 134?

At Cage Warriors 134 Will Currie beat Patrick Vallee by knockout in a Middleweight bout, Lone’er Kavanagh defeated Ryan Morgan with a KO at Flyweight, George Hardwick was victorious over Lukasz Kopera by knockout, Tobias Harila beat Decky McAleenan with a KO in their Lightweight fight, and Ben Ellis defeated Nik Bagley on points in a Featherweight bout.

Also, on the prelim card and Aidan James lost to Kingsley Crawford with a submission in a Bantamweight bout.

Results Cage Warriors 134.

These are the fight results from the main card of Cage Warriors 134:

Main Events
  • Jordan Vucenic Sub 2 vs Sub 2 James Hendin (Featherweight)

Main Card
  • Will Currie KO 1 vs KO 1 Patrick Vallee (Middleweight)
  • Lone’er Kavanagh KO 3 vs KO 3 Ryan Morgan (Flyweight)
  • George Hardwick KO 2 vs KO 2 Lukasz Kopera (Cage Warriors 134)
  • Tobias Harila KO 1 vs KO 1 Decky McAleenan (Lightweight)
  • Ben Ellis UD 3 vs UD 3 Nik Bagley (Featherweight)

  • Aidan James Sub 1 vs Sub 1 Kingsley Crawford (Bantamweight)

Who broadcast Cage Warriors 134?

In the US, the UFC Fight Pass show was expected to begin at 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST. In the UK, the UFC Fight Pass UK broadcast of the card was expected to start at 9:00 PM (GTM).

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