Jul 01 2022

Overtime Elite Arena, Atlanta, United States

Main Event
3 rounds @ PFL 2022 #6
Kaitlin Young
United States flag
KO 1
KO 1
Co-Main Event
Canada flag
Sweden flag
UD 3
Sadibou Sy
3 rounds @ Welterweight
Main Card
United States flag
United States flag
KO 1
Brett Cooper
3 rounds @ Welterweight
Brazil flag
New Zealand flag
KO 1
Genah Fabian
3 rounds @ Lightweight
Jordan flag
Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi
KO 1
KO 1
Magomed Umalatov
3 rounds @ Welterweight
United States flag
Magomed Magomedkerimov
KO 2
KO 2
Dilano Taylor
3 rounds @ Welterweight

PFL 2022 #6 Report

When Was PFL 2022 #6?

PFL 2022 #6 happened on Friday 1st July 2022.

Where did PFL 2022 #6 happen?

PFL 2022 #6 took place at Overtime Elite Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Who won the main event at PFL 2022 #6?

Kayla Harrison beat Kaitlin Young by knockout in the 1st round during the main event of PFL 2022 #6.

The fight was scheduled to take place over 3 rounds in the PFL 2022 #6 division, which meant the weight limit was pounds (0 stone or 0 KG).

What were the results at PFL 2022 #6?

At PFL 2022 #6 in the co-main event Rory MacDonald was defeated by Sadibou Sy by decision in their Welterweight contest, Ray Cooper beat Brett Cooper by knockout in a Welterweight bout, Larissa Pacheco defeated Genah Fabian with a KO at Lightweight, Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi was defeated by Magomed Umalatov by knockout in their Welterweight contest, and Magomed Magomedkerimov beat Dilano Taylor with a KO in their Welterweight fight.

Also, on the prelim card Marina Mokhnatkina beat Abigail Montes on points, Martina Jindrova defeated Zamzagul Fayzallanova with a KO, and Helena Kolesnyk was victorious over Vanessa Melo on points.

Results PFL 2022 #6.

These are the fight results from the main card of PFL 2022 #6:

Main Events
  • Kayla Harrison KO 1 vs KO 1 Kaitlin Young (PFL 2022 #6)
  • Rory MacDonald UD 3 vs UD 3 Sadibou Sy (Welterweight)

Main Card
  • Ray Cooper KO 1 vs KO 1 Brett Cooper (Welterweight)
  • Larissa Pacheco KO 1 vs KO 1 Genah Fabian (Lightweight)
  • Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi KO 1 vs KO 1 Magomed Umalatov (Welterweight)
  • Magomed Magomedkerimov KO 2 vs KO 2 Dilano Taylor (Welterweight)

  • Marina Mokhnatkina SD 3 vs SD 3 Abigail Montes (PFL 2022 #6)
  • Martina Jindrova KO 1 vs KO 1 Zamzagul Fayzallanova (PFL 2022 #6)
  • Helena Kolesnyk UD 3 vs UD 3 Vanessa Melo (PFL 2022 #6)

Who broadcast PFL 2022 #6?

In the US, the Fubo Sports Network show was expected to begin at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST. In the UK, the Channel 4 broadcast of the card was expected to start at 1:00 AM (GTM).

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